"आपसी सहयोग, सद्भाव र सामूहिक हितका लागि सहकारी"

About Us


Strengthens is the power. Collecting small savings money can be a strong capital for the good. By promoting this newspaper, some energetic youths of Bhaktapur have been decided to collect savings from 2051 BS. After collecting saving we decide that cooperative institutions only can protect and legalized the money. On 9th October 1998, the divisional division of the cooperative office was immediately registered this cooperative at Bhaktapur. The organization is moving forward according to the approved regulations by restricting only 17 wards of Bhaktapur Municipality.

Samuhik savings and credit cooperative ltd the member based cooperative organization in service and satisfaction. It has its credibility, existence and identity. This cooperative is the member of with Bhaktapur District Savings and Credit Co-operative Association, Bhaktapur District Cooperative Association, Nepal Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperative Unions (NEFSCUN) and National Co-operative Bank ltd. So it has own network of Samuhik from district level to national and international level.

In view of the service and satisfaction of the members, Samuhik has given financial services among its members. As a result, Bhaktapur district division co-operative office had announced the excellent cooperative organization of the district in 2071 BS. And this cooperative is the founder member of Bhaktapur District Savings and Credit Co-operative Union Ltd has been awarded excellent participation twice in Cooperative Prabhatpheri in cooperative campaign. The achievement of Samuhik continues.

Samuhik Soccos is following the cooperative value, belief that is moving ahead of spirituality. Today, there is a need for the organization to take forward the management and management of the institution's organization and to make the organization competitive, and affordable. To further strengthen the organization driven by cooperative laws, regulations, criteria, regulations, various interim policy, procedures and directories. Keeping this in mind, we being progressed in the brand of Exclusive Branding program brought by Nefscun among its member organizations in the technical assistance of the Association of Asian confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU), also praising the cooperative scholars of Nepal government.

The aim of the Samuhik Saccos will be to integrate with parallel organizations that want to go to the cooperative expedition and go to work area extension and give maximum service and satisfaction according to the demands of the member. Also, while considering the current scientific age, all of us have been committed to promoting rapid, penetrating and modern service to members through newer tools and technology.


A Competent, Qualitative & Competative SACCOS.


By following the cooperative principles, to provide financial services using modern technology to fulfill the needs of the members through the quality of service and making the first destination SACCOS.


1. To provide savings interest along with the protection system of savings by developing regular savings in the community.
2. Providing loans to the member for productive,skillfull and revenue work in low interest rate.