"आपसी सहयोग, सद्भाव र सामूहिक हितका लागि सहकारी"





For the first time in the Bhaktapur district, SAMUHIK Saccos got the PROBATION Brand

For the first time in Bhaktapur district, SAMUHIK Saccos has received the brand of Probation,  "Complete and Professional Saccos Development Program" for the assurance of the quality of savings and credit cooperatives run jointly by the Government of Nepal under the Cooperative Department and Nefscun.
The Minister of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, Hon'ble Shree Padma Aryal provided the PROBATION Brand to Chairman of the SAMUHIK Saccos Shree Dhanesh Raj Rajopadhyaya at the 28th Annual General Meeting of Nefscun, held on 4th Push 2076.
This organization has finally achieved success as a long-standing institution of complete security and risk-free organization of its members. Saccos has become the first organization in Bhaktapur district to receive this brand. It was the hard work and efforts of the Board of Directors, Audit Supervision Committee, various sub-committees and the entire management team to achieve this brand. Samuhik saccos Bhaktapur, an ever-functioning collective, has become an exemplary institution for the satisfaction and quality of its members.
Chief Executive Officer of the institute, Mr. Krishna Prasad Acharya, said that the organization, which is ahead with the goal of succeeding even in the next year, will be successful in Asian standards. Now the Chief Executive Officer has mentioned that strategies have been developed so that the members do not have to move from SAMUHIK Saccos to solve the financial needs of the members. The organization has expressed heartfelt gratitude for this achievement to the Co-operative Department and even to Nefscun.

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